How to breastfeed in style

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Info

Pregnancy and early motherhood come with a lot of physical changes. A body you once dressed easily can now feel completely alien! While growing and feeding a tiny human is totally incredible, it is normal to feel a little thrown by how it’s changing your body. Even though you may be feeling a little off your normal ‘fashion stride’, it is still possible to breastfeed in style. So, what’s the secret?


…shhh! it’s not about what you wear

While it would make all of our lives so much easier if I was simply able to say that the secret to breastfeeding in style is to wear one specific outfit from ‘blah blah’ brand and you’ll enjoy many months of feeling stylish and breastfeeding with ease, it’s not actually about what you wear. It’s how you wear it.

We all know the feeling of confidence you get when you’re heading out the door wearing *that* outfit. The favourite, go-to, over and over. It fits well, looks great and without fail, always makes you feel incredible. Of course, you could have chosen to wear any number of other outfits and ‘make do’ in something else; you could have worn the dress that you feel a bit squished in or the top that isn’t quite the colour you love. Nothing wrong with those outfits, but let’s face it, when we ‘make do’ guaranteed we’ll spend the whole day feeling just a little bit ‘meh’.


Ladies, we ain’t got time for ‘meh’!

So, regardless of your personal style; casual loungewear, 70’s revival bell bottoms or Chanel power suits, as long as you feel amazing and can comfortably feed, it’s a winner.

Breastfeeding in style is all about…confidence!


Easier said than done?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you with ‘just be confident!’. There are a few key things you can look out for when considering what to wear for confidence-boosting, breastfeeding-friendly style.


1 – Find styles you actually like

Breastfeeding fashion is definitely an underserved segment of fashion and so it’s easy to ‘make do’ and buy things that you probably would never have worn ‘pre-baby’! If you settle you’ll very likely spend a lot of the time wearing it feeling a bit self-conscious. If you need to spend a little more to find something you like to wear, it’s worth it!


2 – Make sure they fit well

It can be tempting to simply re-wear your maternity clothes because they have nursing access or settle for stretchy layering tops. While this is absolutely fine, ask yourself whether the fit makes you feel your best. If the answer is no, it’s got to go!


3 – Make sure it works for your approach to feeding

Everyone has their preferences for breastfeeding. You may want to have your whole breast out to make latching easier, or you might prefer minimal exposure. Whatever your approach, make sure that the clothing you’re buying will truly allow that. If you’ll be ‘making do’ or feeling something isn’t quite right, you’re sacrificing valuable confidence points!

It was my own hunt for clothes that made me feel confident and able to feed easily that led me to start Murrelli. Regardless of where you choose to shop, your clothes should work for you and make you feel like the incredible superhero you are.

Do you have any go-to confidence-boosting outfits? Any tips to share with other mums? Get in touch, I’d love to share with the community we are building here at Murrelli.

It’s All About You

As we continue to grow Murrelli, we will only ever bring you garments that make you feel good by prioritising:

  • Fashion – Our seasonless clothes are inspired by current high street trends (so you don’t feel you’re missing out) but made to last and that will look good year round
  • Fit – we make clothes that fit post-natal breastfeeding bodies
  • Function – through our unique access points you can feed easily and gain ultimate control over your level of body exposure.