8 breastfeeding essentials

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Info

8 Breastfeeding essentials


A Checklist


Nursing bra – the basis of every nursing friendly outfit! Make sure it fits well to keep you feeling supported and comfortable.

Breast pads – to catch any little leaks and keep you feeling fresh and dry. Why not give both disposable and reusable a go to see what works best for you?

Nipple cream – to protect and soothe sore nipples. They are working hard after all!

Muslins – Muslins are the saviour of early parenthood. Protect your clothes, mop up spit-up and spills…and oh so many other things!

Breast pump – to give expressing a try. Also, helpful for having on hand to relieve full and sore breasts. Why not give both hand pump and electric pumps a try, you may find one works better than the other for you.

Storage bags – should expressing work well for you, you will want to collect all the valuable milk you’ve worked hard to make! If you are able, building a store could allow someone else to take a turn feeding baby and give you a well-deserved rest!

Support & information – Your midwife should be able to signpost support and information in your area, so you can get expert guidance, reassurance and all the information you need for you and baby learn this new skill together. This could be finding a local breastfeeding group, speaking with a breastfeeding peer supporter or simply finding a group of other women to share the journey with.

Breastfeeding clothes – to give you the ability to feed whenever and wherever you need to. Make sure they fit you well, work for your style of breastfeeding and make you feel amazing!

It’s All About You

As we continue to grow Murrelli, we will only ever bring you garments that make you feel good by prioritising:

  • Fashion – Our seasonless clothes are inspired by current high street trends (so you don’t feel you’re missing out) but made to last and that will look good year round
  • Fit – we make clothes that fit post-natal breastfeeding bodies
  • Function – through our unique access points you can feed easily and gain ultimate control over your level of body exposure.