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“Reasons why I loved my @murrellistyle dress – That it’s my pre-mum style of dress AND I can feed in it. There were no compromises, no compromise on what I wanted to wear, no compromise on how I managed to feed my baby and no compromise on how I felt.”
“I have both June in black & June in pearl dresses. Both dresses are very versatile and can be dressed up or down. Feeding in them is very discrete and there is even enough space/material to express on the go, win win. I also love the length of these dresses.”
“Thank you @murrellistyle for helping me to feel absolutely fabulous, glam and in a dress style I love WHILST being able to nurse.”
“I honestly didn’t appreciate how good the dress would make me feel when I purchased it. It was so easy to wear, comfortable and let me feel like me.”
“Thank you Murrelli for supporting mums and for helping to make this amazing whirlwind of a journey just a little bit easier.”

Feel confident and comfortable in clothes that allow you to feed in the way you want

All our garments feature our unique breast access design with movable inner layer that allows you to decide exactly how much exposure you want, or need, while breasfteeding or pumping.

At Murrelli you’ll find smart-casual and formal breastfeeding tops, dresses and more that:

Murrelli is a Breastfeeding clothing branD

Let Murrelli help you feel amazing with a range of stylish breastfeeding clothes designed to fit well and put you in control of feeding baby.

We are also a ‘slow fashion’ brand – meaning we do things a little differently. We take care to ensure that all our garments are designed to look great no matter the season and are made to last. We want our garments to make you feel good, so we focus not only on creating great fitting, quality garments but on making clothes in a responsible way. That’s why all of our garments are made in Scotland with care.

We release new garments throughout the year so be sure to follow our social media @murrellistyle for release information and styling inspiration.